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November 7, 2017
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January 6, 2018

With the holiday season upon us, it may be the time to finally invest in that camp stove you have always needed—maybe it’s time to get one for that special person in your life? If you are a hunter who has just finished out the season for big game—or one of the few still planning to spend your weekend in a canvas tent somewhere, chasing elk through the special late-season—then maybe it’s time to spruce up your home away from home.

Types of Camp Stoves

Most stoves are built similar in shape: barrel stoves and cylinder stoves. The Camp Chef Barrel Stove is the perfect stove for larger tents, with a very roomy cooktop—perfect size for the outfitter, or someone needing the space to cook or to keep things warm for a big group (perfect also for that obsessive home cook who wants to cook everything right there in the tent—New Year’s Eve Feast/Party in the tent Maybe? At 74 lbs., the Camp Chef Barrel stove is not for someone wanting something quick and portable. For the smaller type stoves, more easily packable, consider the Scout Cylinder or the Hunter Cylinder Stoves. The Scout Cylinder Stove is small, built to the specifications of a smaller tent—10- 12-foot tent, something with a 4” Stovepipe Hole—and providing warmth and cooking space for one or two person’s needs. These little stoves hold heat for five to six hours. The Hunter Cylinder Stove is slightly larger, holding heat for 8 to 9 hours, but it’s been built to handle the toughest pack-ins. This stove is a popular option, because it’s the perfect size to heat a group-sized tent, and has a bigger cooktop.

Reliable Tent sells other models of Camp Stoves in addition to these, giving you many, many options to spruce up your camp or to dive right in to your first wall tent/stove setup. If you have any questions pertaining to stove size and weight and output, or wall tents and range tents and tipis, then call the tent experts at Reliable Tent today.

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