Selecting a Reliable Wall Tent

Good planning in selecting a tent can make the difference between many years of successful camping trips or costly mistakes in size and comfort.

A good general rule is, a little bigger is better.  One of the first things to discuss is the term cut size.  This refers to the size that the fabric would be before it is sewn.  When sewn together, the seams and hems reduce the actual finished size of the product.  It is not uncommon in tents for the finished dimensions to be 3-6″ less than the cut dimensions.  It is a long standing custom among tent makers to list the cut size.  We have retained this custom, as well.  So, remember that our tents finished sizes will be smaller than their listed sizes.

Selecting a Size for a Reliable Wall Tent

As a good rule of thumb, major space units require about 24 sq. ft. per person, a stove, a table with stools and/or excessive gear.  These diagrams illustrate the approximate space available in our three most popular wall tent sizes.  The 24 sq. ft. formula provides some moving around space in each tent. As the party gets bigger, that extra space is not as big as it appears.  This diagram represents our recommendation for tent capacity with a slight margin for extra space.  You could squeeze in more people or take them out as well.  This is just a starting point in your consideration of tent sizes.

The next consideration is wall height.  The higher the wall the greater the headroom in the tent and the closer to the wall one can stand, thus, more usable space.  5′ walls are the most popular size we manufacture.  The 4′ wall does have some advantages, however a shorter tent presents a smaller profile in the wind, a smaller volume of air to heat and a lighter overall weight.  These factors may be important enough to you to forgo the extra headroom.  That is why we offer two wall sizes.

Reliable Wall Tent Features

Throughout the generations, the wall tent has proven itself to be a tradition in design simplicity and function.  Wall tents fit the bill when size, durability and comfort are required.  In over half century of tent building, we have probably seen everything that could happen to a wall tent through use and abuse.  This extensive experience has taught us what features are important and what could be considered as fluff.  You can rest assured that we build our tents to last, we have proven it to satisfied customers all over the world.

Most manufacturers claim to make the highest quality tents.  We have found that while many manufacturing techniques sound good, all they really do accomplish is adding unnecessary costs to the product.  We could easily follow that routine, but have chosen to offer you the simplest, most functional designs at the lowest possible prices.  Each tent we make exemplifies that commitment and is manufactured to provide you the best camping experience possible.  Our selection of tents has been designed to provide the most asked for features and options possible.  We understand that camping styles and habits can be very different among people in different geographical areas.  For this reason, we are happy to incorporate your special requirements in custom made tents. Please allow for additional manufacturing time when ordering a custom made product.