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January 6, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Thankfully, if you purchased your canvas tent or tipi from Reliable Tent, you have a safe and reliable shelter. But there are a few other things everyone should make sure to bring along when they spend time in the outdoors. One of those things is a good knife. And here’s why.

There are three kinds of knives: pocket-Swiss-army-type (knives that are in the category of multi tools), folding blade, and fixed blade. The Swiss Army type knife can handle most basic jobs. A Swiss Army model typically comes with different attachments; for instance, a Swiss army knife may have a can opener, which is always useful. The only drawback to the Swiss-Army-type knife is that it may be limited on blade size, and most models are somewhat heavy and bulky. A folding knife is usually lighter and easier to carry—most standard folding-blade-type knives have a pocket or belt clip attached to the handle—depending on the type, and its blade is typically larger. Folding blades deploy from their handle—usually—and lock within the handle. Usually some type of pressure is required to release the blade; for instance, many folding knives have a lip of metal extending from the blade; lift up on the metal lip and the knife blade deploys. Some more expensive folding knives have a button that allows the blade to deploy assisted, lifting free from the handle partway. Fixed blade knives usually have a sheath, and are made to carry on a belt or backpack.

A knife is the one tool that can handle most any survival job. But it’s important that the knife is sharp. A dull knife can do little in the way of slicing and cutting; a sharp knife may be the difference in getting a good fire going; a folding knife with a sharp blade could even open cans of food in a pinch. Sharpen your knives often, especially when they have been used, and you will have a tool as reliable as your canvas tent or tipi that you purchased from Reliable Tent.

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