TIPIS DO NOT REQUIRE PRECONDITIONING. The tipi has very steep sides and water will not be able to accumulate. Your tipi will shrink in the weather, but since there is not a “framework” that it has to fit, this is not a concern.

FIREPITS IN A TIPI – The tipi is made to be used with a fire in the center of it. We do caution use of a fire in any tipi under a 14′ diameter.

WINDS – The conical shape of the tipi makes for a very wind resistant structure, however, a strong gust can topple a tipi. When you have your tipi set up, you should have a length of rope left hanging from where you tie together the poles. This rope should be pulled down to the ground and staked to hold the poles down tight.

MILDEW – It is recommended that you keep the grass and weeds trimmed from around the bottom to keep the air flowing under the cover, which will deter mildew growth. See above information on mildew.



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