Can I get a catalog of your tents?
We send out a free catalog and price list to our customer.  Contact us here if you would like one.
Why is my tent too big for my frame?
After you precondition the tent it should fit on the frame.  We allow for tent shrinkage when making our frames.
Why is my tent smaller than the tent that I ordered?
We use cut sizes on the width and length. When sewn together, the seams and hems reduce the actual finished size of the product.  It is a long-standing custom among tent makers to list the cut size.  We have retained this custom, as well.  Please keep this in mind when planning your tent.
Can I have a custom made tent? Can I customize a tent?
Please call us with your custom order ideas.  We will be happy to try to accommodate you.
Which forms of payment do you accept?
We happily accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, cash,  money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks (with 7-10 days approval).
Is there sales tax charged on my order?
There is no sales tax in Montana.
Can I ship my order to a different location than my billing address?
No problem.  Just specify when ordering where you want the shipping and billing address to be.  We do ship UPS –no P.O. Boxes please.
How are you calculating shipping and handling?
They are calculated by approximate weight and dimensions of each package in your order.  If you want a shipment expedited you will incur extra freight charges.

I lost the setup instructions to my Reliable Product. How do I get new ones?

Click Here. Or you can call us.
Do you offer discounts for certain organizations?
Yes, please call 1-800-544-1039 or contact us online here.
How do I clean my Reliable Tent or Tipi?
Mildew and dirt will break down your tent over time.  If you keep it clean and free from mildew you will have a long life of use from your Reliable product.  Use a mild detergent such as Ivory or Dove dish washing soap or IOSSO tent cleaner, which you can find in our online store.  Make sure you rinse off the soap really well.  Dry it completely before you put it away.
How soon will my tent or tipi ship?
We try to keep 4-6 week turn around time.  At many times of the year it is quicker and sometimes can be longer.  Spring and summer are our busiest times of the year.  We do have quite a few of our products in stock, too.  Always call if you need a rush order and we will try our best.
What can I treat my canvas tent with?
We recommend Canvak, which is a canvas preservative that when applied correctly will make your tent water resistant.  You can find Canvak in our online store.