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October 27, 2017

Baker Lean-To


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The Baker Lean-To tent is a favorite for most rendezvous and shoots. It is a fundamental tent that does not leave you feeling isolated from the outdoors. A Baker Lean-To is basically a wall tent that is halved longways. The front of the tent can be lifted up to provide an awning off the front of the tent or put down at night to enclose the tent. The tent is available in two sizes, 9′ x9′ or 12’x9′. Both sizes can be made with either 2′ or 3′ walls. The front is 7′ high. The Baker-Lean To is available in 12oz Natural Canvas, 10.10oz Marine, and Flame treated canvas .

This tent is made with no modern hardware or material. There are cotton ties on the front of roof and eave grommets on the rear roof.  Cotton ties are used at the corners to secure the front and also to tie up the optional side and front curtains.  Poles are not included.

Included with the Baker Lean-To:

  • Hardwood Stakes
  • Ropes
  • Carrying Bag



•Side and Front curtains-enlarge the area of the tent, storage, or provide a rain and windbreak when sitting under the awning.

•9″ or 12″ Sod Cloth


Product Options

Product Size Fabric Price Weight
12x9x2 Flame – 10.10oz $598.00 32 pounds
12x9x2 Marine – 10.10oz $478.00 32 pounds
12x9x2 Natural – 12oz $406.00 32 pounds
12x9x3 Flame – 10.10oz $620.00 32 pounds
12x9x3 Marine – 10.10oz $495.00 32 pounds
12x9x3 Natural – 12oz $419.00 32 pounds
9x9x2 Flame – 10.10oz $495.00 29 pounds
9x9x2 Marine – 10.10oz $396.00 29 pounds
9x9x2 Natural – 12oz $336.00 29 pounds
9x9x3 Flame – 10.10oz $514.00 29 pounds
9x9x3 Marine – 10.10oz $410.00 29 pounds
9x9x3 Natural – 12oz $347.00 29 pounds
Additional information
Weight N/A
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 36 in
Product Size

12x9x2, 12x9x3, 9x9x2, 9x9x3


Flame 10.10oz, Marine 10.10oz, Natural 12oz

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