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Tipi Poles


Price: from $228.00


Standard Tipi Poles are completely peeled, high quality and ready to use.  We sell Lodge Pole Pine tipi poles.  Native Americans used these poles because they grew so tall and thin.  The poles you will receive come peeled and ready for immediate use.  If you want them smooth to the touch, you can sand them down.  If you want to preserve your tipi poles for a long time apply linseed oil to them.  The oil prevents them from weathering and turning grey.  It also turns your poles a nice brown color.  If properly cared for you can get a good 15 years life out of your poles.

Please note:  Tipi Poles have to be shipped via semi-truck.  They vary in length from 12′-27′.  Shipping averages between $470-870 depending on the location they are shipped to.  

We will contact you with the shipping price!!!

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Product Options

Tipi Size Number of Poles and Length Price
24 foot 17 Poles  27′ long Heavy Duty $1071
22 foot 17 Poles  27′ long $857
20 foot 17 Poles  27′ long $857
18 foot 17 Poles  24′ long $774
16 foot 17 Poles  20′ long $645
14 foot 14 Poles  20′ long $531
12 foot 14 Poles  16′ long $425
9 foot 11 Poles  12′ long $266
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Dimensions N/A
Tipi Size

12 Foot, 14 Foot, 16 Foot, 18 Foot, 20 Foot, 22 Foot, 24 Foot, 9 Foot, 9-20 Foot, Backyard Tipi Cover, Backyard Tipi Floor

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