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Reliable Tent carries a full line of Tipis and Camping Equipment. There’s something for every outdoor adventurer. But there’s also a type of Tipi that maybe you haven’t thought of: The Children’s Backyard Tipi. Imagine your child or grandchildren having a fun imaginative playhouse right in their own backyard. They can sleep out under the stars or act out their favorite play scenarios. Imagine the sleepovers kids could have in a backyard Tipi! It would also be a terrific addition to camps or family-getaways. Consider taking a Tipi out to the family cabin to have another spot for kids to play and enjoy themselves.

Tipis are eight feet six inches in diameter, which is a good size both for ample play/sleeping room but also for a relatively small footprint in the yard. It’s easy to set up, as are all the Tipis from Reliable Tent. It’s light and portable, which means that you could easily transport the Tipi from your backyard to a wilderness campsite easily. The poles are ten feet and breakdown easily. The Tipi also comes fully ready to pitch with tent stakes, ropes, lace pins, smoke flap sticks, and a carrying bag.

Tipis come in two different fabrics: 10.10 oz. Marine Flame fabric and a Polaris fabric. There’s an oval-shaped door cut into thefront of the Tipi that is cut amply both in width and height to accommodate children and adults alike—adults, however, may have to crawl through the opening.

The backyard Tipi is also highly customizable. You could paint the sides of the backyard Tipi with any colors of acrylic paint to achieve that desired look. Imagine the possibilities of a child’s clubhouse that’s fully customizable.

If you would like a child’s backyard Tipi, call Reliable Tent today. Luckily, you don’t even have to live in Billings, MT, to get a backyard Tipi because Reliable Tent will ship it to you via UPS—it’s only twenty-nine pounds total weight all broken down.

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