Reliable Tent is now building all fabric components for Shelter Designs Yurts!  Shelter Designs yurt manufacturing company is located in beautiful northwest Montana.  For more info on our fabrics, pictures, and pricing check out

A Yurt consists of a round wall and a roof system that is free standing using a tension ring at the wall and a compression ring where the roof rafters tie together. This is essentially a cone sitting on a cylinder. Traditionally, Yurts were used in central asia by nomadic herding family groups and tribes. These versatile structures have been around for at least 2500 years. Recently the Yurt (or “ger” as it is traditionally called) has been imported to North America and Europe. Modern design changes have been incorporated, such as steel fasteners and architectural fabric coverings. This ancient design is still finding new and innovative uses in the modern world.

Three types of yurts are predominant in the world today. The fabric Yurt, which Shelter Designs builds, is a portable, fabric-covered Yurt based on the mongolian ger.  A frame-panel Yurt is a permanent structure built of wood with a Yurt-style roof. Lastly, is the traditional ger from Central Asia. For a complete history of Yurts and an overall invaluable information resource, check out author Becky Kemmery’s website at

A Yurt is a portable home that provides a comfortable living space at a reasonable price.  Our warm, versatile and durable yurts fulfill many different roles, such as:

• Natural, affordable housing for family living

• Sustainably-constructed guest cottages

• Eco-friendly office spaces

• Green-built vacation homes

• Environmentally-conscious yoga and meditation rooms

• Non-toxic temporary homes and emergency shelters

Please contact Shelter Designs for more information and pricing.  or  406-721-9878.